ROC curves

Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) and precision-recall curves explained

So far, my biggest claim to fame on twitter has been my animations about receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves. You may have seen them circling around the twitterverse. I finally got around to trying #gganimate. I made this visualization for the bioinformatics class @ClausWilke and I are teaching next semester. I am hoping this will help students understand how ROC curves behave for different linear predictors. #rstats — Dariya Sydykova (@dariyasydykova) November 14, 2018 6 amazing animations explaining receiving operating characteristic (ROC) and precision-recall (PR) curves by @dariyasydykova.

Making ROC curves with the tidyverse

This past Monday, Claus Wilke and I announced our package tidyroc. Very excited to announce my first R package! @ClausWilke and I are developing #tidyroc. You can use it to plot ROC and precision-recall curves, and it is nicely integrated with the #tidyverse's #dplyr, #broom, and #ggplot2. See example in the retweet. — Dariya Sydykova (@dariyasydykova) March 11, 2019 At that point, we had been working on this package for a few weeks, and we were both excited about using it in our class.